Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Recent review in Variety focuses on Miscreants

An excerpt:
The challenges besetting the American independent film scene are nothing compared to those faced by Pakistani filmmakers, who also have the Taliban to contend with. In "The Miscreants of Taliwood," Australian artist George Gittoes samples the eccentric Pashto pics, which meld over-the-top gunplay with impromptu Bollywood-style numbers, and even ventures to make one himself, mostly as a pretext to poke around those corners of the country Westerners seldom witness. This ragged chronicle of his experience falls somewhere between performance art and gonzo journalism, with Gittoes risking his neck on a stunt few beyond the festival and gallery sphere will see.


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Kyl McMorris said...

I appreciated the risk of the Pashti filmmakers within the context of the documentary: an account of what is happening "over there", but I did not really make the connection to compare them to people working in the Western or Bollywood industry. Grounding Taliwood in a more familiar venue creates a whole new perspective to the film.

Anonymous said...

This link is the best interview I have seen from George, you Have to check this out! It should be on this site! Way cool, some amazing insights!