Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Recent review in Variety focuses on Miscreants

An excerpt:
The challenges besetting the American independent film scene are nothing compared to those faced by Pakistani filmmakers, who also have the Taliban to contend with. In "The Miscreants of Taliwood," Australian artist George Gittoes samples the eccentric Pashto pics, which meld over-the-top gunplay with impromptu Bollywood-style numbers, and even ventures to make one himself, mostly as a pretext to poke around those corners of the country Westerners seldom witness. This ragged chronicle of his experience falls somewhere between performance art and gonzo journalism, with Gittoes risking his neck on a stunt few beyond the festival and gallery sphere will see.


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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The Role of a Documentary

Having done some recent reading in class I am called to question the role of a documentary in the world of art. The role of recording history was described as being fiction in the article "Notes on Transformation," by Eleanor Antin. This calls into question what it means when we call this video a documentary. Can we call anything a documentary or are we stuck calling it a documentary because though is may be a fiction as she stated we have no other means of producing an accurate description of events?