Thursday, September 17, 2009

Study Questions from Arizona State University

Students in Collins's "Issues in Intermedia" class developed the following list of questions.  A discussion with filmmakers George Gittoes and Gabrielle Dalton was held over Skype Wednesday evening, Sept. 16.  A transcription of the filmmakers responses will be forthcoming:

1.  How long were you in Pakistan?
2.  Did you have a plan?  A set of expectations?
3.  What was the most dangerous circumstance you found yourself in?
4.  What cameras and recording medium did you use?  How did you get the raw footage out of the country?
5.  Are you still in contact with the actors and other people involved in the film?
6.  How did you find your 2nd camera operator?
7.  How did George actually get people to agree to be on camera?
8.  Are there dramatic aspects (Like the "servants" and "Fire" films) included in any of your other film projects?
9.  What was the motivation for using special effects (e.g., having yourself "shot") in the context of the Documentary proper?
10.  How to you justify the "pretend violence" featured so prominently in the dramatic portions of the film?
11.  Please discuss the relationship of the "fiction" of the Pashto "dramas" and the authenticity of the Documentary?
12.  Comment on the post-production process.  What software do you use?  What role do Gabrielle and Nic Meyer (editor) play in the final shaping of the film?


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Anonymous said...

Hear it sraight from George at his previous show in Switzerland. This is a really great interview.